Hallowe’en 2014 was mild, dry and starry and the lights of Teignmouth twinkled through the trees. Between150 and 200 gloriously costumed children came partying – and lots of parents and grandparents too.

They crafted lanterns and spiders webs (thank you Tepee), they decorated buns in the Bake-Off tent (thank you Over 60s), they gathered in the dark cave and fire-lit castle for witchy stories (thank you Lisa and sister Susannah), they toasted marshmallows with Gill and made scary balloon faces with Jo. New this year were the speciality teas and coffees of Coffee-To-Go – definitely the way to go.

And finally … we gathered torches and newly made lanterns and walked the darkened paths of the gardens following the tiny glowworm trains. We banged drums and shook rattles (thank you school) and marked All Hallows Eve for another year.

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